Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Glow Mission Launch

Glow Youth is our bunch of passionate young people determined to make a difference in this world. We are about to launch into the deep. When Peter stood on that boat and saw Jesus walking on the water, his desire was to do the same. Yes it was a stormy sea and the problems seemed insurmountable, but he looked and Jesus and said "Master if you bid me I will come!" (my paraphrase). He did not see the storm, He saw Jesus!

Its been quite a journey to get here, There have been ups and downs, some disappointments and some joy! But we stand at the brink! we see Jesus and we have asked Him to call us out! And HE has!! Its time to step off the boat and onto the water! We WILL be able to walk because HE has called us to do it!

Did you know you can only walk on water if you have the faith and courage to step off the boat?

In a couple of days we will step out on Faith and God will meet us! Join us on our exciting journey! It is sure to be filled with all sorts of experiences! we aim to do what God tells us and you can follow all the adventures right here. We will keep you posted!

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