Wednesday, October 2, 2013

A note to father

Father, you are my shield and my protector, you have covered me with Your love! You found me when I was lost and dismayed and my aimless life was headed for ruin. You gave me purpose, you flooded my heart with Your love. You took me out of a pit of destruction I had created for myself. I love you not only for what you do, but who You are! 

You are the only one who understands me completely, you know my heart thoughts, you see my failures but yet you don't judge me, you embrace me into better, you correct me in your love. I wish I could say I am not afraid, but I'm learning to not be afraid. Your steady hand never wavers and you are proving your steadfast love in my life. Yet there are times when I stop holding your hand because I think I can do it and find out I can't. I am glad you still hold out your hand to lift me up, even though I have let you down. 

I hope to trust you completely, but honestly I know I'm not there yet because I look at situations and I question. I know you promised all things work for good for me because I love you. But sometimes daddy, I get scared because I look at the problems and I don't look at you. Help me keep you in focus. I do love you and I know you love me, thank you for loving me through my faults. I know you have the best for me daddy Jesus! 

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