Friday, September 4, 2009

Declaring Victory

The principle of multiplication in the bible is an amazing thing. It speaks of process: for a thing needs to go through certain amount of change to become something better.
When God created man, He did not create the 7 billion people we have on earth now. He created one, but in that one, He created potential. He created the trees and placed in each plant a seed with the potential for great forests. The seed is the potential. The multiplication comes when potential is brought into reality.

The English dictionary defines POTENTIAL: as capable of being or becoming, Capable of being, but not yet in existence; latent, Having possibility, capability, or power

This is so amazing. It means there is more in me than I presently see, There is a capacity for greater and more, but it has to be brought to fruition.

Faith works the same way. God gives us a measure of faith and the potential for it to move mountains is there already. We need to manifest it, to multiply it.

This relates to all areas of our life. God wants us to have the best of everything and the process is not instant gratification, but learned maturation.

Let us use a real example.
Say I am not experiencing the fullness of God’s power in a certain area, lets say sickness as this is a common thing we all go through.

There are a few substantial things we should now.

1. God has already given us a word of healing.
2. He will bring it to pass, based on our acceptance of it.
3. We must birth it.

So the word of healing in my life has the ability to multiply my faith, as well as ignite my spirit. If I BELIEVE the word, I must have the faith that God will heal.

When I have faith, I need to speak and declare it. Faith is not just belief alone. FAITH needs to be activated by speaking and continuing to do so until the reality of the Word, in the spirit is manifested in the flesh. So in a way it is spiritual multiplication of a seed into the manifestation of the forest in our lives.

See, the healing was always there, it was never in doubt. What has always been the problem is the transference of that reality from the spirit realm to the natural realm. Faith opens the door to this realm. And belief is the bridge that the seed crosses to become the reality in the natural. Most times this bridge is not built by us, we give up too quickly because it does not happen as fast as we want, or our belief cannot accept the reality of the spirit

Why was Jesus so powerful in his ministry? Simple, the word tells us that : Then Jesus answered and said to them, "Most assuredly, I say to you, the Son can do nothing of Himself, but what He sees the Father do; for whatever He does, the Son also does in like manner. "(John 5:19, NKJV)

Jesus when He walked on this earth was so in tune with the spirit that He saw every completed work accomplished in the spirit realm.
He says I cannot do anything by myself. Meaning I don’t initiate any action out of my own will..(will deal with this though later)

But when I see the Father do something in the spirit I know it has already been accomplished in the spirit realm and established as a promise for the natural. It is completed in the Spirit. Then all I do is open this door of faith (Faith can only begin when the will of God is known), build a bridge of belief, and allow this that is already done in the spirit to manifest in this reality by declaring it into this reality. It has to cross the bridge of belief and then arrive in this natural realm. Words are so powerful. They are the vessels of deliverance for good or evil , they are the carriers of power for in them exist the power of life and death. We can manifest from the spiritual realm with them and we can abort the birthing of the promise just as easily by what we declare.

Here Jesus reveals the truth of victory in manifesting the will of God in our lives. (there is so much more here, but we will pause for now)
We must know what the will of God is in every situation, through knowing the Word and being in tune with the spirit. We then declare this truth over our present condition and continue until it aligns with the spiritual realm.

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