Wednesday, May 25, 2011


Vietnam Mission Trip Part 2

The presence of God was almost visible. As I sang the song in English I began to cry. It’s so hard to describe the thick presence of God. It was full of joy, a sense of holiness and power and peace. God had truly stepped into the small little room in an out of the way hotel in Vietnam.

Tears were streaming down my eyes. I tried to stop crying when I was lifting my hands in worship but I could not. A strange thing happened: God allowed me to connect in the spirit with the saints in the room and in the spirit I began to sense their cry to God and their love for Him! Their desperation for the freedom to worship and their desire to be free! The desire of their heart to cast of the yoke of oppression. More and more tears began to flow down my cheeks as I tried to understand what was happening. The anointing was flooding the room as their voices joined in harmony and the praise went up! From my belly I felt a river of worship and longing for God from the people in the room. I just joined in their worship of an awesome God! Others in the room were crying and worshipping our savoir, their love for Him quite apparent.

I began to comprehend why God wants His people to be free, oppression is from the enemy and it puts such a stronghold on the people of God. Just as in Egypt when God wanted to set His people free, men have always tried to oppress them. There is a demonic domination that comes from oppressing people, not letting them free. It is a spirit of demonic power and rulership to remove the rights of an individual.

to be continued...

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