Monday, May 23, 2011

Move of God

Vietnam Mission Trip Part 1

They had gathered together in an upstairs hotel room, not unlike the disciples of Jesus who did during the Pentecost week. They were 40 to 50 men and women gathered in the two bed room. Some were sitting on the bed, some on the floor crossed legged in front of the bed and others all around the two beds, others still were sitting up against the wall. The small room was packed full of people. One man was sitting against the far wall playing a guitar softly. Everyone in the room was facing him. This was the scene into which we were ushered, in a hotel room in Vietnam.
It was the underground church and they had gathered together for a meeting. The curtains had been drawn and a couple of clothes clips held them tightly closed. They had squashed into a tiny room to have church. They are not allowed to have church like you and I do. They have to hide in case the police arrive and shut them down or worse.

As we walked in we were directed to the two chairs in the room that were reserved for Pastor Robin and myself next to the song leader. Most of the people in the room were praying or singing softly. I sat on the chair and started to join them in prayer. The atmosphere was so thick with the presence of God. The song leader started to sing and the saints joined in. The song was sung in Vietnamese but I recognized the tune, it was “As the deer pants for the water”. The worship of the saints in Vietnam had begun and God was near!

part 2 next...

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