Monday, March 7, 2016

Planes, Trains and Automobiles

Taking the train to the city is an interesting experience. If you commute you know what I'm talking about. Trains in Melbourne are getting more crowded every month and you feel like you are squashed in like cattle. Now this is not a criticism of the transportation system but rather an observation on what we do on it. The number one activity I notice is the amount of people on Facebook, a few read the news and even less read a book.

A rare few I see read a bible or a devotional.  So often we have busy schedules and feel like we don't have time to read our bible. But on our commute every morning is a perfect opportunity before your day really starts to get in a little one on one time with the Lord in prayer, read the bible, listen to a pod cast or even review Sunday's message from church.

In our busy lives we need to learn to carve out time to be with the Lord. Now you might have already done this in your life and this is not directed at anyone in particular but I have had people come up and share with me that they have no time in their week to read their bible or pray.  I'm trying to show us that we do have time where we can spend a few minutes every day with God, even when we lead busy lives.

When you are sitting there on the train you don't have to worry about traffic or stoplights or anything. Depending on where you get on, you could have up to 40 minutes. Even if its 15 minutes it's still ample time to read and mediate on a scripture. If you drive to work, pop in a CD or download a few messages on your smart phone and play it on your car radio.  It's really amazing to see how your day will change and your attitude will change when you get some encouragement from the word of God.

To be honest, the more time we spend with God the better our lives will become and we need to make sure we try our best to build some of that God time into our busy day. We will be better for it.

What time do you see in your day where you can fit in some prayer, or study or listening to a encouraging word? Maybe its driving to the grocery store, on the bus or train, in your car to work or back home? How about when you are at the gym? There are really many ways to fit in some time. 

If we don't spend any time doing this I recommend we start, however , we would love to get to the point where rather than trying to fit the word into our lives , we make time in our day to dedicate to it. This should be our ultimate goal.  But hey let's start here.

If you are part of Transform Church we have an app that contains a number of messages and YouTube videos as well as written encouragement. You can download that here:

If you are not why don't you download it and give us a listen. There are many, many ministries that offer free encouragement and in this present day and age it's not hard at all to find something no matter where we are.

My prayer is that your walk with the Lord Jesus Christ gets stronger each day of your life. He is the best guide, teacher and mentor you could ever find!


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