Saturday, April 14, 2012

Glow Mission - Day 11

Greetings to you all in the name of Jesus! In the past few days the experiences that we had with God is just amazing and one of them was today.

Today we went into a village with Pastor Don Hewitt, an americian missionary living in Philippines. This land was given to him for his mission and he can do anything with it so he decided to build houses for people who lives in the dump site. Today we are helping them to clear the land for the new houses that are going to built. We didn't have the equipment that we use at Australia for cutting grass and trees, we had machetes and axes which we are not used to using. We had to sit down on our haunches and slash at the grass. Or use a small axe to chop down some trees. It was a very hot day, everyone were sweating and exhausted, I had never sweat like that for years. Everyone was doing fine, it was a really good and unique experience for us.

There was this one tree that we are all trying to cut down, we had a turn each but we are just not used to using axes. And our local friend named Alger, a bible college student came and helped us, after a few hits the tree just fell down we were just amazed how quick he did it. Alger is the bible school our church sponsors, it was nice to meet him. Each one of us were using machetes to cut down the grass not just any grass alone but bushes as well.

After all the cutting was done we burned the grasses which some of us haven't done for a long time. The smell of the smoke is just wonderful, it's like we have the freedom to burn anything. I thought that I wouldnt be able to keep up with the work but the people that we are helping inspired me to keep going. The people around us are all talking in visayan which none of us understand. It's really hard to communicate with them and thank God for the local people that helped us throughout the day.

We learned a lot today and one of the these are that not all missionaries are just talking about the bible or standing there preaching the gospel, but also doing hard works like we did today.

It was a tiring day but it was fun. We thank God for the strength that we have, without Him we can't do anything, because through Him all things are possible.

- written by Aaron Baccay

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Anonymous said...

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