Thursday, April 12, 2012

Glow Mission - Day 8

Today was our last day staying at the LAMI NatCon conference. For me, today was probably one of the longest tiring days we've ever had.   To start off, today was the day of the conference where one of the 'Youth Network sessions' was given to us, Glow Youth, to lead. We were to take the Praise and Worship  as well as share the message.  So it was Friday, and by this time everyone was used to waking up at anytime; sleep at anytime, getting ready at anytime and to head off at anytime; praise God for the strength He always gives us to stand up and go even when we've had only 4-5 hours sleep. We woke up early to get ready for the service we were taking.  Our session was right before lunch and  we took the service; praise and worship and the Word. I guess it was the first time for most of the band to play in front of a larger crowd; but all went well and praise God nothing went wrong. The heat on that stage was amazing. It was a huge hall, no air conditioning and we wore our new Glow Youth shirts: this meant, a really sweaty, fibre covered band. Apart from that, all was well. Kuya (Pastor) Roger introduced all of us before Apo got started on sharing the Word: He read our testimonies we wrote a while ago before going to the mission trip. Apo shared the Word and blessed the Youth there and the service all together went well.  After taking the service, I forgot everything leading up to the very long picture taking session. Basically everyone was assigned a color for their shirts to make up the LAMI picture where the letters were made up of 4 different colors. We took group pictures with the same colored shirts, and group pictures of the Youth, and I finally they took  the picture for the huge LAMI word with the whole National Conference (NatCon) attendees. That was the longest possible photoshoot! To add to it, the sun was out and no breeze was present; we still had fun hanging with the people there.  By the end of the day, everyone was tired and worn out from the picture taking and then we had another activity; for us (the youth), it was our last activity for NatCon because wea were leaving in the morning the next day. We had to trek at least a kilometer and a half bringing chairs to another gym; the one we were using for the conference was going to be used by another group. While bringing chairs I talked to some new friends I met at NatCon, Kuya Toptop and I talked about the university. I was still amazed at how huge the University of the Philippines was;  I am really considering attending if my parents allowed. Well anyways, after the parade heading to the other gym, we basically closed off our stay with goodbyes to the new friends we met.  After all that, it was the most relaxing sleep we've had in a long time. We had no activities in front of us and we were just headed to our next destination the next day. I KNOW that we couldn't get through that day without strength from God, and He did bring us through the whole conference all in one piece learning so much from all of the teachings and experiences. Praise God for all His done. God bless. - written by Yung Garol

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