Sunday, April 8, 2012

Glow Mission - Day 4

We woke up around 5am to get ready for our next destination which is Laguna. The van arrived at exactly 7am which was one hour late. We thought that we couldn't be able to fit everyone because of our bags. We had 11 people in the van with 19 bags. We all had to fit into the small van. Some of us had to hold luggage on our laps  the van was hot and stuffy. When we stopped for a rest, I had to climb out of the van through the windows as  there was luggage in the way,  so did Thom and Abraham. It was a 3 hours drive to Laguna, we arrived at University of the Philippines, Los Banios around 11:30. We checked in at Searca Hotel. The environment here is way different from Payatas. This place is like a province there are trees everywhere and its clean. But we also missed all the people at Payatas. It came to our mind of how fortunate we are  to be in this kind of environment. The hotel where we are staying at is 5 minutes walk to the conference hall. We had problems with the room arrangements but in the end it was sorted out. We had different people who came  up and organized the place where we are staying at. And we thank God for using these  people to bless us and giving us a warm welcome. The whole youth went straight to the conference and met a lot of people. The only thing we did not expect was the heat. It was so hot that even a five minute walk made us all sweat so bad that our tshirts were so drenched.  Here at the university it is not safe to drink water from the tap because it is kinda dirty. So they provide some drinkable water which is only available between 5am - 8pm. We had to be at the main auditorioum by 1pm for orientation  The Hall was full of people (more than 1500+) from different parts of the Philippines that had gathered together for a conference call Lakas Angkan Ministries National Conference  This conference is about making disciples which helped us a lot for our mission trip, because the mission trip is about this. Most of the message is in Filipino language which is really hard for Pastor Greg, Apo, Tania,  and little Abe so we have to explain what is going on. It was really crowded and hot but we really enjoyed the night, God is in the midst of the conference, the first night was beautifully done we can't wait for the coming days. God is gonna do mighty things amongst us and through us. God can do anything and nothing is impossible for Him. Even though we had tough times God gave us strength and wisdom to go through the obstacles because in the end it's the harvest that really matters in this mission. We also wanna thank the church for praying for us and God trully is a prayer answering God. He never leaves us or forsakes us. - written by Aaron Baccay

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