Monday, April 9, 2012

Glow Mission - Day 5

What an amazing God we serve. It's been almost a week now since we arrived here in the Philippines. This week, we have been Learning so much from the Lakas Angkan Ministries National Conference here in Los Banos, Laguna. We've had a very busy week so far, yes it's very tiring, we get up so early in the morning and finish really late. We haven't had as much sleep like we used to have while we were in Melbourne. Everyday we need to be up at 5AM for our quiet time as a group and spend at least an hour with the Word before we go out and get on with all that's involved in our day.  Our quiet times are organized through the conference where the participants are grouped together according to age and gender. Our quiet time topics have been provided through our conference manuals and together we share it. But this particular morning, we spent our quiet time as our groups. This morning Tania and I spent our quiet time together. It was absolutely refreshing and we were just focusing on the Holy Spirit. Sometimes we get caught up with all the fun events and the programs, and there's a manual so we can just follow that but, it is very very important to just quieten ourselves and focus on what the Holy Spirit says. This morning that's what Tania and I did and the Holy Spirit revealed to us some marvelous things. We also met a new friend and a sister from the conference during our quiet time, her name is Ate (older sister) Meryl, a mother of two and part of the couples network together with her husband. She was just praying in the corner when she saw us and then she joined us in prayer and discussions. She and her husband are both passionate about discipleship. It is amazing to hear their views and passion about discipleship. One thing that I really love about their idea of discipleship is that they always emphasize that DISCIPLESHIP IS RELATIONSHIP.  Building connection and friendship to lead our disciples in Christ. I am amazed how they win souls and eventually the people they bring to Christ become leaders in bringing people to Christ as well. What a blessing!!! I am really really looking forward to tomorrow's event which is the highlight of this conference... Which is the Mass Evangelism. We will all be going out and handing out tracts, talking to strangers and telling them about the Gospel and praying for them and their salvation. I am so excited!!!  Today the conference also held a fun sportfest for all the participants. We were all involved in a few activities. It was fun to watch everyone so involved and the amazing teamwork. The boys here are not shy at all. Everyone is dancing and just having fun, all of us just love cheering for each other and encouraging one another. Not all of us in the Glow Youth are in the same teams but, may the best team win. To God be all the glory! That's Christ's love in their hearts just shining on their smiles and love for everyone. The presence of the Lord is truly in the hearts of these people. This conference truly motivates me to reach out and spread the Gospel just has Jesus did, just as Jesus loved and Just as Jesus gave His own life.  This mission trip is truly life changing and heart warming. I thank God for every day that we are able to serve Him and learn more about Him.  - written by Anna Baccay

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